It was 10F when we went outside this morning. The weather was perfect for frozen bubbles!

Cool Science - Ice Bubble Pop

Actually even colder would have been better. I tried to get outside earlier, but for some reason people were sleepy and slow this morning (and I wasn’t! Ha!) Thanks to the Polar Vortex, we’ve had super-frigid temperatures with wind chills below zero. I decided we should at least get out to play once in the extreme cold to experience the temperature and see what we could learn.

Freezing bubbles

I’ve seen frozen bubbles around the internet for a few winters now but this was the first time I braved the cold to see if it would really work.

Bubble Cluster

It did!

Here’s what we learned:

  • It has to be at least freezing, but the colder the better.
  • Avoid the wind, it will pop your bubbles before they can freeze.
  • Catch bubbles on the wand and watch them freeze.
  • Blowing bubbles through a straw works best.

Using a straw to blow bubbles works best

We might experiment with a more sturdy bubble solution because they need a few seconds to freeze. The kids ran around catching and popping the bubbles. It was a nice break from being inside and we had fun.

Fun in the Freeze - Ice Bubble Pop

In addition to the frozen bubbles, we observed the steam rising from the water. (We were on the rooftop of our apartment building.)

Watching the steam

We also poured out some water in the shape of letters and watched it freeze. Ice letters might be fun to experiment with!

Frozen letters

It was so cold, we didn’t stay out long. After a bit we decided to go back inside and warm up with hot chocolate and cartoons. Stay warm, my friends!



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