We got some real snow today! Granted, most of it didn’t stick. Though it came down for nearly the whole day, the ground temperature was a bit too warm for much accumulation. We did just a nice little dusting– maybe 1-2 inches. No doubt, this won’t be our only snow. And maybe by the end of the winter I’ll be so jaded that a little snow like this won’t phase me at all. I hope not! Because watching it stream outside my windows made me happy all day.

her at the window

Today also marked a milestone for my daughter: it was her first snow! She watched it swirl outside with great curiosity. She and her brother also spent some time tilting their heads back to watch the snow from a more dizzying perspective.


Though he has seen snow before, I’m not sure how well he remembers. I had to talk him into going out in it. After several reassurances that it was indeed ok to have snow falling from the sky, we went for a walk to the library.outside

The flakes were the big, puffy kind. They made my daughter laugh and she tried to catch them as they fell, attaching themselves instead to her coat fringe and eyelashes. The library was nearly empty. We got a fresh batch of books and he played on the computers. They have some ‘educational’ software. Right now this is pretty much his only screen time and he seems to be handling it well.


After the library, we went to the rooftop of our building and made tracks in the untouched snow. He very precisely pointed out that we were leaving shoe prints because you couldn’t see our toes, so it wasn’t exactly the same as footprints! I guess we’ve been doing a lot of animal print making at home.


In the afternoon, we read our new books and ate popcorn and mac & cheese. I set up a snow dough play tray for him to make a snow scene. I used the same stuff we’d made last week. It was stored in the refrigerator so it was accurately cool.

books and popcorn

indoor snow play

him at the window

How do you like to spend a snowy day?

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