As I mentioned last week, my sister-in-law recently had a baby girl. I’ve been staying with them to help out around the house and especially with their other daughter who is 18 months old. Since I knew I’d be here when she was born, I wanted to create a special banner to greet them when they got home from the hospital. I was inspired by this banner and decided to make a felt version because I wouldn’t have access to a sewing machine.

I put together a little tutorial of how I made it. Obviously, you could customize yours to say anything you wanted. This one says “Mabrook,” which means “Congratulations.”

{These are all the types I bought. I found them for around $1 or less per sheet at JoAnn’s. Only the yellow had adhesive on the back.}
{I cut the patterned felt into banner shapes and the green into a slightly larger version of the same shape. I used FabriTac to glue the patterned pieces onto the green.}

{I printed out the letters in outline and went over the edges with a marker. Then I cut them out.}
 {Then I traced them onto the back of the yellow Prestofelt.}
 {Then I cut them out.}

 {Then I peeled off the back and stuck the letters on. I used FabriTac to attach a ribbon to the tops and hang it up, as you can see in the first photo.}

What do you think? Do you have any re-usable fabric banners? 

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