february wishes

It’s February! I’m still not used to writing 2015, are you? I’m always slow on these things. I have decided to start each month with a Monthly Wishes post, which I’ll be linking up at the Nectar Collective. I did some weekly post like this, but the month feels better right now. I’m working on writing bigger goals and then breaking them down on a weekly basis. I’m still using my planner and I think it’s really helped me stay focused.

So, first let’s see about January’s goals. I was visiting family for most of the month, so I kept my goals manageable. I definitely spent a lot of time with family, that was my first priority. I wasn’t able to see some of my friends, but I’m hoping to catch them when I’m back down there (maybe next month). My next goal was to push the blog to three posts a week. I’m really happy to say that I’ve done that! I’m posting Monday, once mid-week (usually Wednesday) and on Friday now. The Friday posts are my Weekend Inspiration series. I’ve really enjoyed them so far and can’t wait to see if I can keep it up all year. My last goal was to use Instagram more. I participated two photo challenges and plan to play along with more in the future. I really enjoy connecting on Instagram and I feel like it’s really perfect for someone like me who loves to snap photos. Ha!

Onward to February!

Here are my personal/blog/work goals for this month:

  1. Get rid of 100 things from my home. I read about this on Jess Lively’s blog and was inspired to do it myself. I actually don’t think it will be difficult for me at all. Most of the things will come from the study (see below), kitchen and bathroom. What I actually want to do is be 100 things lighter by the end of the month. So that means I’ll get rid of one thing for every new thing I buy this month— in addition to the 100 things. Does that sound doable? Want to try it along with me?
  2. Make the study awesome. Our second bedroom is our “study.” It holds this very computer that I’m typing this on, along with an assortment of books, supplies, a few toys, school-type stuff, photos, etc. I have it set up basically the way I want it, but there’s still some fine tuning. And after I get rid of some stuff, I’m going to reorganize the chest of drawers and closet. There’s also some things that needs to be hung on the walls and details like that. Hopefully I’ll have it ready to show you all soon.
  3. Focus a bit on Pinterest. I used to like really love Pinterest. I started using it way, way back in 2011 when hardly anyone was on. But I cut back on it a lot since then because it became so overwhelming. I know how useful it is for blogging, so I’m hoping to venture back in a little more this month.
  4. Finish my website. It’s pretty embarrassing that I have a web/graphic design business and I don’t have a website. After being so busy with projects and other things, I kept putting it on the back burner. This is a really big goal for me to get it all done and hopefully ready to share at this time next month. I’m thinking maybe I need this deadline for it to happen.

That’s pretty much it! I also have a full blog calendar for February that I’m really excited about. This Wednesday I’ll give you a look at our play nook and Friday’s Weekend Inspiration will be… delicious!

What are your plans for February?


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