Fall Leaf Banner Displayed by Table with Books about Fall Leaves

As part of our unit on fall leaves, I decided to use these Color Diffusing Leaves from Roylco to make a colorful fall leaf banner. This is an example of how we integrate different “subjects” into a cohesive unit study. We learned about the science behind how leaves function, went on walks to collect leaves and observe nature, and read books about fall themes.

Bringing art into this unit was very simple! I knew I wanted to make some kind of banner. At first I thought of using real leaves, but when I saw these at the store, I knew exactly what we would do.Fall Leaf Banner with Food Color Swirls

The process to make the marbled colors is super easy and fun for kids who like sensory activities. I learned how to do this years ago–back in the early days of Pinterest–and this is the second time we have done it. Here’s what we did.


  • Shaving cream (cheapest foam kind works well)
  • Food coloring
  • White tissue paper (coffee filters work too) cut into shapes or whatever you want
  • Small stick
  • Hole punch
  • String



  1. Spread shaving cream onto a tray or other surface. I gave each kid two mounds of it.Shaving Cream with Food Coloring for Marbled Effect
  2. After a few minutes to let them explore the shaving by itself, I brought out the colors. We used red, yellow and green.
  3. Let kids add several drops of food coloring to their shaving cream. Observe how the food coloring runs and mixes together to create orange, brown and different shades of colors. Add Food Coloring and Swirl
  4. Use a stick or finger to swirl the colors. You may have to stop kids from swirling too much or you will end up with all brown. Less is more here.
  5. Carefully lay the tissue paper on top of the shaving cream and lightly tap. You will be able to see the colors absorb onto the paper. Press Leaf into Cream
  6. Peel off and sit out to dry.
  7. Repeat until you’re all done. I allowed the kids to play with the shaving cream with some little plastic dinosaurs and rocks while we waited for the leaves to dry.
  8. After they were all dry, I punched holes in the top and my son threaded them through a string. (You may have to rub a little shaving cream residue off.) String Dried Leaves

We decided to hang our banner near the table. It’s a great addition to our fall foliage collection. I really like having seasonal and special occasion decorations in the house. I don’t have a lot hanging on my walls in the living room, so this adds a nice splash of color. I think we will be making more banners in the future!

Fall Leaf Banner

Do you put up any fall decorations? 



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