Eid al Adha is next week! It always seems to pop up before I expect it to. I need to pay better attention!


This year, I’ve been teaching my kids a lot more about the story of Ibrahim (Abraham) and about what the pilgrims do during hajj. There’s a lot to learn and I feel like I’m gaining knowledge right alongside them.

What's Eid al Adha?

Muslims celebrate two eids per year. Eid means “feast” and it’s basically just a special religious holiday. Eid al Adha means “Feast of the Sacrifice.” We remember the sacrifice that the prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) was asked to make of his son and the mercy of Allah in allowing him to sacrifice a ram instead. For this reason, Muslims around the world slaughter animals on this holiday. The animals feed their family, friends and the poor and needy.

This holiday takes place at the end of the Hajj, or the pilgrimage to Mecca. During Hajj, pilgrims observe special guidelines for what they do and how they behave. There are many important parts to completing Hajj!

For Muslims around the world, Eid al Adha is a time for coming together with family and friends. We remember the importance of patience and sacrifice. This Eid is usually celebrated for four days. The first day, we have a special prayer in the morning. Following the prayer, there are often parties and family get-togethers. For children, Eid often includes small gifts and treats. It’s a time to celebrate!

We love to send Eid cards. I’m planning to print these out and glue them to the fronts of some plain cards. I’ll let the kids draw and write inside. It’s an easy yet thoughtful way to appreciate friends and family. It’s also a perfect Language Arts lesson plan! And they like looking at the addresses to see where each letter will go.

Like I said, we are a little late this year, so I decided to just share the pdf now. I’ll update with how the completed cards turn out on Instagram. We might also do some decorations. I picked up some lovely lights at IKEA and we have a few other things on hand.

I also shared a printable last year. It’s right here if you’d like that one.

And one last thing, I have a Pinterest board with lots of ideas. We have read a few books and are working through this cute activity book, too. There’s a lot of great mapping skills we can add.

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