Double Rock Park with a boatA few weekends ago we enjoyed a beautiful day at Double Rock Park in Baltimore. It’s a small little gem hidden just inside the 695 Beltway near Parkville. I was first introduced to the location through some homeschool friends and I knew I wanted to go back and bring my husband along.

Double Rock Park stream

On one side of the park is a playground and some trails. The paved path leads to a little stream that’s perfect for wading and exploring. Depending on the amount of rain we’ve gotten, the stream will be deeper or more shallow and the waterfall larger or smaller. But at the top of the waterfall, there are nice shady places that even little ones can play in.

Family at Double Rock Park

Water shoes will definitely help navigate the slippery rocks. The adventure was a thrill for my son. My daughter didn’t want to walk in the water, but didn’t mind being carried the whole way!

There was plenty of nature to investigate. We looked at spiders spinning webs, leeches, small fish and hives.

Nature at Double Rock Park

The gnarly tree roots pop up along the banks and provided a great visual for my son to understand the parts of a tree.

The adjacent playground is nice. There are no swings, but plenty of climbing and sliding opportunities. There is a small pavilion and picnic benches alongside the playground. On the other side of the park are athletic fields and larger pavilions. There was a bathroom near the playground by the field, but it was locked. The only bathroom I could find was all the way at the other pavilions. So keep the bathroom situation in mind if you go!

Definitely bring plenty of water and food, dry clothes, towels and water shoes. Next time we go, we’ll bring a small net and container for catching little fish of tadpoles.

Exploring at Double Rock Park

With everything that’s been going on, it was such a wonderful break to be outside and enjoy the beauty of the sun and shade, the cool, shining water and tall, protective trees. It also felt great to have my camera in my hands again. I’m planning to explore more local parks in the weeks and months to come and I’ll compile a list for the locals looking for a new adventure.




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