I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before or not, but I’m now blogging twice a week on my employer’s blog at Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique. I do similar posts as what I do here, but with a little more focus on babies, toddlers and things we carry at the store. Today I shared a DIY Mobile that I made to hang above Boo-Boo’s bed. You can find more details here.

In related news, I’m trying out a new schedule. Since I’m now juggling two blogs and a part-time work schedule along with the house and my toddler, I’ve found that having a schedule for things really helps.

I’ve always had a weekly schedule of sorts, but recently my work days changed (increased!) and I was completely lost. There was never dinner ready, nobody had clean clothes, and I never had any groceries. Okay maybe it wasn’t that bad, but it felt that way. So I decided to build a new plan. I know things will come up and mess with the schedule, but I still feel like it’s better to know what you’ve missed that to be completely chaotic.

I started building my schedule by writing in my work days. I know that on days I have to go in to work, I’ll have less time and energy to spend on cooking and cleaning.

Then I added in the laundry schedule. Since we use cloth diapers, it’s important to have specific days for diaper laundry–otherwise I can get caught without a clean nappy! I wash each person’s laundry on a different day. I don’t really separate by colors since I mostly use cold water. Doing laundry by person also makes putting it away much, much easier. Then I have a day for towels and sheets and for kitchen towels and tablecloths.

Next I added in days for house cleaning and de-cluttering. This is one thing that I usually let slip, so I tried to make it more manageable. I broke up the house into general areas and assigned each space to a day. I know it probably won’t always sparkle at the end of the day, but I’m going to try and tackle what I can when I can.

The last thing I added is the dinner schedule. I’ve never done this before because I thought it would be too boring. But sometimes boring is better than nothing at all. After doing this for a few weeks, I might get more fancy with my meal planning. For now, this will work.

You might also notice that I have scheduled in a Fun Day (and a weekly date with my chiropractor.) Wednesdays will usually be my day to do something fun with Boo-Boo like the museum or library. I often meet up with friends who also have kids for lunch or just to hang out. I’ve found that getting outside and socializing does as much for me as it does for Boo-Boo. It’s so easy to get caught up in the grind of work and life, but we really need to remember to make time for friends!

So I’m thinking I might try to make this schedule prettier, but I figure that something will change and I’ll have to re-work it before long. (Maybe I’ll go with moveable magnets?) I’ve been inspired by Steph at Modern Parents, Messy Kids. Her Project Organize Your Entire Life is simply amazing!

How do you handle your schedule?

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