Today I have a simple, little book to share with you. It’s called Clarabella’s Teeth, by An Vrombaut. I picked it up at the library and Boo-Boo loves it. He says “Alligator brush!” when he wants us to read it (which is often).It’s a story about a crocodile who takes forever to brush her teeth and misses out on all the fun until a friend gives her a jumbo-sized crocodile toothbrush.

This book is a great example of what I look for in Boo-Boo’s books. When I’m at the library and he’s off playing I skim the read-alouds for books that he might like. We usually don’t even read them until we get home. So here’s what I look for:

1. Just a few words and sentences on each page. Too much complicated story and he will lose interest.
2. Relatable characters. Right now, he is super interested in animals so I tend to go for books with animals that he can recognize. (In this case he says “alligator” instead of “crocodile”. I don’t correct him, but I still read “crocodile”.)
3. Repetition. Toddlers seem to love it when books repeat words and phrases. It makes Boo-Boo giggle.
4. Bright colors and intricate illustrations. He loves to look at the drawings and point out little details. He often notices things that I didn’t even see.
5. Extension activities or themes. I can’t help it. It must be my inner elementary school teacher who likes to make little projects out of picture books. I usually pick out a few books on the same theme or books that I can think of some activity that goes along with it.

What did we do with Clarabella’s Teeth?

We brushed a crocodile’s teeth of course!Have a wonderful weekend. I’m working on more teeth stuff for next week (an interview with a pediatric dentist!) and maybe my fall wardrobe.


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