A few months ago, I went over to my friend’s house for an afternoon of crafty fun. She had been experimenting with sewing things for her new baby (whose here now and totally awesome!)I’d been wanting to make Boo-Boo a pair of pants out some of my old sweaters for an embarrassingly long time. The holdup was partially that I’m lazy and also because my sewing was being a little wonky. (Yes, that’s a term.)

So here’s was we did! (By “we” I mean what she did and I took photos of.)

1. Start with a sweater that you don’t want anymore. This one used to be nice but after several years and stretching it out during pregnancy, it just didn’t fit. The material is still okay. It’s cashmere and super soft, though you can use any material.

2. Cut off the arms approximately the length you need for your pants. You can use an existing pair of pants or just eyeball it. You want your cut to be straight at the top.

3. Make slits as far down as your inseam should come. Again, you have the option to use another pair of pants or eyeball. Oh, and because the bottoms are already finished–boom!– the hems are already done.

4. Find some place on your sweater to cut out a waistband. On mine, she used the hood’s edge but most sweaters have a finished neck hole that works well too.

5. Now that you have all your pieces, just sew them together. First, seam the pants and then add the waistband. My friend has a serger so it was super-fast.

So that’s it. Really, it’s so much easier than I thought it would be. Now that the weather is chilly he runs around the house in these. There’s also the option to felt and lanolize wool or cashmere to make these into a naturally water-resistant diaper cover. I’m thinking about making more and he can wear them on top of training pants if we decide to get into potty learning this winter.

But for now, they are just comfy and cute.

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