{I originally posted about this over on my WordPress version of glimmersnaps. It’s one of my favorites, because it is so easy to do and made such a difference in how I get myself and baby out the door every day.}

Recently, I’ve become more frustrated by our disorganized closets. 
Digging through to see what is clean, what matches, and *oops* what still fits while wrangling my energetic baby isn’t always quick and easy. And I like things to be quick and easy.
After staring at my closet railing for an idea as to what would fit, I realized that a clothespin would work beautifully. Using small pieces of scrapbook paper, I wrote the days of the week, covered each with a protective piece of clear packing tape, and hot glued it onto a clothespin. No sweat. 
Now when I’m hanging up clean clothes I just organize them by outfit (usually two per day for Boo-Boo) and hang them by the day. If I know that one day will be the really cold, for example, I can save the warmest outfit for then. This way, I’m not stuck saying “All his sweaters are dirty!” fifteen minutes before we need to leave the house.
{I decided to make a set for myself too.}
The clothes that aren’t part of the weekly rotation are just hung on the other side of the closet. I arrange them by type and color if possible. 
Currently, it’s a little messier than I like it because the seasons are starting to change. However, I usually only keep a few outfits out at a time and the others are stored in underbed storage boxes from Ikea. Every six weeks or so when I’m sick of my clothes I rummage through the storage and bring out a new skirt or top. A lot of times I forget I even have something and it’s like brand-new all over again.
How do you organize clothes? Do you pick your clothes out in advance? Do you put away your out-of-season clothes? 

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