We had a wonderful Eid! I’m late in posting. Of course. My excuse this time is pulling the plug on our internet. But that’s a story for another day. Today I am sharing a few little decorations and activities we did to get ready for Eid.

If you aren’t sure what Eid al Adha means, there’s more information in this post.


I love the different lighting options that are out there now. In the past we’ve gotten battery-powered string lights from Target. This year I got these plain LED lights from IKEA. I love that they use battery power so I don’t have to worry with outlets or dangling wires. Convenient!

We also like to hang banners. I’ve made my own before from felt and paper. This time we used a make-your-own banner set that I had scooped up on clearance at Target. I liked this because the kids could participate in making it too. I selected the letters we would need and put them on the floor. Then we sounded out the words and the kids found the letters as we went along.

It turned out great. I wanted a cozy room with warmth and light. I think we will leave the lights up all winter!

R has been asking to make a pie. There’s a part in a book where the little girls uses a rolling pin to make a pie and that’s where she got the idea from. I’ve never made a pie so we made cookies instead.

We used cookie cutters and decorated with little colored chocolates. Baking is a great way to use reading and math skills in a practical setting. Problems like: We need two cups of flour but only have a 1/2 cup scoop. How many scoops do we get? come upĀ in a natural context.

We used these neat cookie cutters from With A Spin. I visited her booth at ICNA last May and have been so excited to use these ever since. We also have this set from IKEA.

I’m always a fan of seasonal flowers. One day I’d like to have my own garden, but until then I’ll settle for these beauties! I like to use cut flowers to teach Z and R about plants. They inspect the stems, leaves, and flowers. We talk about all the different kinds and sometimes dissect them too!

The last of our easy decorations is the sparkly EID letters. I bought these several years ago and had painted them silver. This year I wanted to make them “new” again. I had the idea of adding glitter and the kids suggested doing each letter a different color in two shades. This is such a simple thing to do and the kids really enjoyed slathering the letter with glue, shaking on the glitter, and then dumping it off when it dried. My goal was to have kid-made decorations that didn’t look like they were made by little kids. I think these turned out great.

I hope everyone who celebrates had a great day–decorations or no decorations!

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