Last week marked the end of my babysitting for Bean. She’s been staying with us for about a year, but will now be hanging out with family that has just moved into town and will be off to preschool in the fall. She’s so excited to get to spend time with her extended family and I know she’s going to adore her Montessori preschool! We have loved having her and Boo-Boo will surely miss her. (He asks for her almost every morning.)To commemorate the passage of this milestone, I thought we’d try a little activity I found on The Imagination Tree. It was a little wild mixing the dough so I didn’t get to snap any pictures of the process. But we just followed her instructions pretty much. The only thing we did different was we added some food coloring and played with the dough as playdough for a while before getting down to business.

After baking, I painted the handprint using the Deco Art supplies that I won in the MPMK Earth Day Challenge. (They are awesome paints and sponge brushes, by the way.) We will give it to her the next time we get together.

I’m so excited to do more of these… no little hand will be safe!

Our days won’t be quite the same without this little 3-year-old in them. We are so happy to have had her as one of Boo-Boo’s first friends and playmates!

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