Since Boo-Boo is obsessed with reading, I’ve recently been looking for new ways to house his ever-increasing book collection.

At first I tried keeping only a few out at a time. And while I still limit how many he has, we’ve needed to increase the amount he has access to. (Not only does he REMEMBER books and look for them if they are gone, but I can only read about the 10 Little Monkeys so many times before my brain stages a coup.)

The baskets I used at first worked great for the smaller ones, but these jumbo sized books made them tip over. He was also digging through the whole basket to find the one he wanted and leaving big piles of books everywhere.

So I took out these long flower boxes from our storage closet. We had planted seeds in these a few springs back, but took a break from dirt and plants this year due to the everything-in-the-mouth toddler we had on our hands. I cleaned them up and they are the perfect solution for books.

We are even working on putting books back inside once we’ve read them!

How do you store books? 

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