Austin Nature Center

We visited the Austin Nature and Science Center in February and it’s truly a hidden gem of the Texas capital. Located inside Zilker Park, the center has indoor specimens and exhibitions, a marshy waterway, animal rehab, and a dinosaur digging pit. So yeah, we’ve got a...

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Adventures at the Houston Zoo

We spent a couple of days at the Houston Zoo when we were visiting. Believe me when I say this is a massive zoo! (You can download the map here and they also have an app.) It's not exactly the land size but the extensive animal collection that makes this zoo so...

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Learning Area and Perimeter with a LEGO Zoo

Sometimes concepts are best illustrated with a project. We made a LEGO Zoo while learning about area and perimeter and it was a perfect fit. This is just one of many math-related uses of LEGO bricks. It a great manipulative for both addition and multiplication. We...

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Project Playground: Centennial Park

Project Playground is something we've been working on for a couple of years. When we first moved to Maryland, we decided to make exploring our new area into an adventure by trying out as many new places as possible and reviewing them. We talk about what we are looking...

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LEGO Organization and Storage Solutions

We LEGO every day. It’s our go-to creative outlet, math manipulative, and imaginative reality. So LEGO organization is vital for being able to find the pieces we need and keeping them off the floor. Our LEGO organization system has evolved over the past year. We went...

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Teaching with Google My Maps

Today I want to share a fun, free, and versatile resource for teaching: Google My Maps! There are SO many things you can do with maps to help connect kids to the world. One of my son’s favorite activities is dragging the little yellow person icon to a road to check...

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