In March, I posted about Boo-Boo’s sleep habits and how I’d like to change them. I gave an update in May and things hadn’t changed much. One of the things I love about blogging is how I can go back and see things from a different perspective. The thing I was fighting the most back then is the schedule. And while I still don’t love having to make sure I get home for his nap and bedtime, I do feel like I have made some big improvements.I started with a basic and fairly consistent bedtime routine. It’s nothing fancy: dinner, bath, diaper, massage, pajamas, books, brush teeth, nursing, zzzzzzz….

Dinner typically starts around 7:00. Some nights I have to scramble to get it ready earlier if he’s taken an early nap and seems exhausted. Other nights he stays up a little later. The books we read are his special nighttime books and they stay on the nightstand in a box with the lotion we use for “sage” (as he calls it). I try to reserve these books only for sleepytime.
I also bought him some proper pajamas. To be completely honest, I was attracted to how ridiculously cute the footie jammies are on him. But I also like the idea that he has specific clothes that signal it’s time to sleep and other clothes that mean it’s time to play. He refuses to keep a blanket on so these are a great way to keep him warm throughout the night.
They are from the Children’s Place. It’s important to me not to use too many chemicals so I opted for the ones that aren’t treated with flame retardant. I may have bought a couple of other pairs. What can I say? I’m a sucker for cuteness.
We currently have no naptime ritual. He usually passes out in the car. He has started to consolidate his two naps. So now it’s usually just one around midday and it can last about 1.5 to 2 hours.I also wanted to share our bed setup. We co-sleep and always have. Of course, co-sleeping isn’t for everyone and you have to make sure that you follow safety guidelines, but it has been a really great thing for us.

As a new mom I was getting much more sleep with him in the bed than if I’d have had to get up and go into another room to nurse and put him back down. I have Fibromyalgia so sleep and rest are always extra important for me. He actually went through a phase around 9 months when he would nurse without even waking me up!

For the past few months, though, he has started to be more restless and I am waking up 2-3 times a night. This is still the thing I wish I could change. Our pediatrician recommended Jay Gordon’s approach, but we haven’t tried it yet. A friend told me about a good sleep coach, so that’s another option. I will give updates about this when we get frustrated enough to try something!

So for a little walk down Memory Lane, here’s how I had the bedroom set up before Boo-Boo was born. (I know those pillows aren’t supposed to be there; it was just for the snap!)

As you can see, I even made a matching crib sheet out of our fitted sheet’s flat sheet. Ah, nesting memories.
And here’s how it looks today. Not much is different. We don’t change Boo-Boo’s diaper on that table anymore and we took down the lantern once he started pulling on the cord. (Remember I made this?)
Our bed is just on the boxsprings to make it even with the crib. He can get up and down on his own, but has never done so in the middle of the night. In the mornings he will get down and bring me my glasses. That’s my cue to get up and play!
So looking back, I feel pretty good about his sleep. I have tried to be more consistent and he as become a more consistent sleeper. I wouldn’t change our decision to co-sleep and would do it again.After all, isn’t this a wonderful way to wake up in the morning?

Have a great weekend… get plenty of rest!

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