One of my new favorite blogs, Toddler Approved! is hosting a link party with ideas for book extension activities in honor of Children’s Book Week. There are tons of really inspiring activities on the link-up and she has a wonderful pirate-themed beginning sounds activity that goes with How I Became a Pirate.

I always loved doing these types of activities in my classroom, but Boo-Boo is still a little young for most of them. So what I’m sharing is a very basic idea that we do all the time.

As part of our weekly toy rotation, I set up baskets with just a few things inside. When he was tiny, the thrill was just pulling everything out. Now I like to bring out a small collection of books and toys that go along with them. It’s a good way to reinforce vocabulary by repeating the same word in several books. He sees that there are different ways to represent things (animals, in this case). And it’s a beginning matching activity.

Here are a few more sets:

{1. Arabic ABC animals match-up}

{2. Elephant theme. He now says “el” when he sees an elephant!}

{3. Frog theme.}

{4. Crab, frog and turtle match-up with the protagonist of each book.}
{5. The rabbit is to protagonist of Carrot Soup. The little stuffed animal can run around and act out the story, too}

I’ve focused on animals because they are his favorite right now. Most of my collection has come from stuffed animals and those small plastic figurines sold individually or in the “Toob.” I had most of them back from my teaching days, but I’m slowly collecting more here and there.

Make sure you check out Toddler Approved! soon. She is also hosting a virtual book club for kids. I’m excited to go check out this month’s selection, The Very Quiet Cricket, from the library.

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