I didn’t intend to take a four month break from blogging here. Posting on glimmersnaps was always something I intended to do; it was always on my list. But being in the last trimester of pregnancy while having a two-year-old is no small feat. I was also working more and more at the store and picked up a new gig writing for their blog.

So my own little blog fell by the wayside. I was always busy and exhausted. At the end of the day, sitting down in front of a computer screen was the last thing my foggy brain wanted to do. Besides, what did I have to write about? All I did was work and sleep.
My daughter is now one month old (today) and I’m starting to find a rhythm to my everyday life. Right now I’m struggling to maintain a close attachment with my first born while attempting to form a bond with my second. Some days are easier than others. But for the most part we are making it work.
Thanks to a nasty combination of increased stress, reduced sleep, and a huge hormonal crash, my fibromyalgia symptoms have flared up. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned that on here before. (It’s not really something that lends itself to pretty photos.) Basically I am just sore and stiff in every joint with achy pain all over. It usually comes and goes and I can usually manage the things that trigger it. Hopefully in the next few weeks things will calm down.
That’s a picture of where I am now, but what about the past four months?
I tried to spend a lot of extra special time with Boo-Boo. I wrote about it here and about my big brother preparation here.
We made lots of trips to the museum….
And spent many warm summer afternoons at home….
And there was a lot of this….
And that (just keeping things real).
I also got to take photos at my friend’s wedding. It was a beautiful day! I was so honored that she asked me– and relieved that the photos turned out!
Of course the biggest event was my little lady’s birth in July. You can read her birth story here.
“Belle,” I’ll call her, is a doll so far! She is a great nurser and usually quite chill. We have noticed she has a tendency to go from 0-to-60 when she’s upset. I so look forward to see little glimmers of her personality emerge.
So with the new addition to my family I’m not exactly going to be any less busy, but nevertheless I’m planning to post regularly. Why? Because this is something that makes me happy and inspires me to try new things. It’s something I do just for me. And being a “mom of two” for a month now, I can see that I need to create more space for that.

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