Thanks for stopping in. My dream for this space is to create a community of homeschoolers who can share ideas, questions, and inspiration. It’s a work-in-progress, no doubt. I’m slowly adding posts about our homeschool life & resources that we love. Drop me a note if you’d like to share or collaborate.

Right now, I’m working on one new page and one blog post per week. My goal is to be fully caught up by January.

Below, I have a little FAQ-style introduction in case you’re curious.


XO Sarah

Who are you?

I’m Sarah. I like problem solving, asking questions, and coffee.

I live in Maryland with my husband and 3 kids, but I’m originally from Texas and have also lived in Louisiana and North Carolina. I spent a few months living in Spain as a student, too.

I’d love to travel more broadly, but make do with little adventures to new or old places. I enjoy taking photos and writing. That’s actually where the name for the blog came from: glimmer (like the glimmer of an idea) and snaps (like a photo).

What about privacy?

Yeah so I’m a little concerned about privacy. I try to protect my kids by not giving their full names or posting photos with faces. It’s difficult sometimes, but I treat it as a challenge to find different ways of capturing a moment.

Do you make money blogging?

Nah. I do use Amazon Affiliate links to help cover the costs of the blog. If you use one of my links to make a purchase, I’ll get a small commission.

I hear some people make money off their blogs, but they put in a lot of time on marketing and writing certain kinds of content. Blogging is not about making money for me.

So why do you blog?

I love it. Blogging is the perfect creative outlet for me. I have always appreciated art and design. But with traditional methods like drawing and painting, I never seemed to have the knack for creating to my satisfaction. Computer-based graphic design, photography, and website design make me happy. I get a little shot of endorphins when I’ve figured out how to get something just right.

There’s also the really practical aspect of the blog being documentation of what we do for homeschool. We live in a state that requires portfolio reviews each semester. These posts help me keep track of our learning.

I also blog because homeschool is lonely. It’s not that I’m actually *ever* alone, but it’s just a different kind of life. Not many people live the way we do. I don’t have co-workers to chat with or PTA moms to be in awe of. It’s not that homeschoolers don’t make those social connections, it’s just that we go about it in non-traditional ways. The homeschooling community is also somewhat dominated by conservative Christian families. So as a family that doesn’t fall into that category, we are a minority within a small minority.

Is your blog secular?

Not exactly. We are Muslim, but I write my posts for anyone who’s reading. From time to time I’ll share a post from holidays or Islamic studies, but academic material (math, sciences, language arts, etc) is not mixed with religion for us.

How do you do it all?!?!

I don’t. Not even close. Minimalism has been really helpful in managing our home. It’s not easy with kids, but keeping the amount of stuff to a minimum really does free up your life.

I have had chronic pain for as long as I can remember. As a teacher in my late 20s, I was debilitated by fibromyalgia pain. I eventually decided to leave teaching because of my health. The experience taught me the value of priorities. Sometimes we have to be brutally honest with ourselves about what we can do. As I approach 35, I am learning to let go of “should do.” A huge lesson in life is learning what you’re capable of and figuring out how to maximize it.

Always remember that any blog, Instagram account, or afternoon at the playground is only a snapshot into a family’s life. We try to keep things real, but it’s human nature to put our best foot forward.


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