I had a FANTASTIC weekend! It just so happened that I didn’t have work or babysitting and Hubby didn’t have anything major going on at the lab. This almost never happens, so we decided to take advantage of the free time and drive over to the coast. Initially, we thought about spending the night, but it was hard to find a good deal on a hotel room so last-minute. It all worked out, though. Boo-Boo has been to the beach and an aquarium before, but this time I felt like he was really old enough to start enjoying it. Here are some of the highlights of our day!

{Above: Amazing scale patterns of an albino alligator}

{Family portrait by the fish tanks}

{School of (metal) fish suspended from the ceiling. Idea for child’s room?}

{Jellyfish are graceful and beautiful… unless they are stinging you.}

{Silhouettes on the reef}

{Sandy fun}
{Showing me the ocean}

{The creaky pier that I was sure was about to collapse and send us all into the water below}

{And how was your weekend?}

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