I’m so proud of myself for getting this up today! Here’s my Tenth. It was a dreary day today– the first day I really felt like I needed a jacket and closed-toe shoes. Of course, I didn’t manage to wear either.

It was sort of one of those days. It wasn’t really “bad,” just a little hectic. Two broken glass containers, several leaky diapers, a long day at work, and a nap-less toddler were just a few of the highlights. I also got a jury summons in the mail. My co-worker aptly dubbed it a “cut-your-losses kind of day.”

Hope you had a wonderfully hectic–or relaxed–day, too.

(Oh and I have lights up for Eid next week! I’ll post about all the decorations soon.)


 Ten on Ten is a photo project started by Rebekah Gough on her blog: A Bit of Sunshine. I’ve participated since 2012 and I’m still amazed each month. See more sets here.


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