I’ve participated in 10 on 10 every month this year! When I did my first set in January, I really wanted to keep it up throughout the whole year and I’m happy to say I did– even if I dropped the ball a bit this month. Monday was the 10th and despite remembering the night before, I forgot my camera at home and ended up not taking my photos that day. Instead, I took them yesterday, the 11th, and am posting today, the 12th. It’s alright though. I’m trying to be more of a finisher and less of a perfectionist!

So here’s my set for this month. It was a bit of a dreary day and we spent a great deal of time at home preparing for our trip to Ottawa and Montreal (we leave tomorrow!).



 Ten on Ten is a photo project started by Rebekah Gough on her blog: A Bit of Sunshine. I’ve participated since 2012 and I’m still amazed each month. See more sets here.


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