I can’t believe the year is almost halfway over. {Who am I kidding, I thought it was already 2013 the other day!}

I’ve been participating in Rebekah Gough’s 10 on 10 since January and I keep trying to improve my photography each month. Hopefully I’ll know how to work my camera really well by the end of the year. It’s nothing too fancy, but I’d still like to know my way around it.

Here’s what my day looked like:




1. A dragonfly came on our morning walk.
2. Boo-Boo’s blueberry breakfast.
3. Train rides for everyone.
4. Nap
5. Lunch
6. Wall side (preview of an upcoming organization post)
7. My new summer hat by the (kiddie) pool.
8. We are going to try this… tomorrow… maybe…
9. New library book about transportation: Everything Goes on Land by Brian Biggs
10. Getting ready for a week of new posts!

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 Ten on Ten is a photo project started by Rebekah Gough on her blog: A Bit of Sunshine. I’ve participated since 2012 and I’m still amazed each month. See more sets here.


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