I know it’s the 15th. I’m late with my set this month and I’m going to go ahead and use the ‘Pregnancy’ card as my excuse. Poor girl, already taking the blame. The truth is that Mama’s been feeling lazy.

But I finally got my act together to post this tonight! It’s April in North Carolina so the billions of trees that share the state with us are having their annual Pollen Fest. Sometimes there’s so much in the air it seems like there’s fog. Despite the green-hued cars and sneeze attacks, I guess I love this time of year because you turn the corner and a tree is rocking out with gorgeous flowers. We are likely going to move later this year and have no idea where yet, so I have no idea if I’ll continue to see Spring in our new home. I wanted to savor it just in case.






 Ten on Ten is a photo project started by Rebekah Gough on her blog: A Bit of Sunshine. I’ve participated since 2012 and I’m still amazed each month. See more sets here.


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