I’m Sarah, a homeschooling mom of three. I write about the places we go and things we learn. We have a child-led learning environment and tend to gravitate toward unit studies based on science and geography.

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Learning About Communities with LEGO

Social Studies for kindergarten usually focuses on local communities with the goal of teaching kids about being good citizens. While we definitely learned a lot about the world last year, I didn’t want to skip over any basics. I think homeschooled kids learn a ton...

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Moon Sighting Watercolor

Of all the things we have done for Ramadan, this one is my favorite. I wanted to have this post ready for the start of the month, but I didn’t get it together in time so I decided to do it at the end. Sighting the new moon is an exciting part of Ramadan that I want to...

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Ramadan Lantern Sun Catchers

These Ramadan lantern sun catchers were inspired by two of my favorites: Sweet Fajr (she posts more on IG) and Tinkerlab. Like the card making activity, we also did this in our Preschool Group. The coffee filter painting is perfect for little ones and adding the...

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Hanging Lanterns Ramadan Decorations

I spotted these mini lantern keychains on the Eidway table at the ICNA bazaar and I knew my kids would love them. The kids received them on the first night of Ramadan along with other decorations and art supplies. They quickly tried to hang them up and I got the idea...

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Ramadan Mubarak! Free Printable Ramadan and Eid Cards

Ramadan Mubarak, friends! We began the holy month of Ramadan this past weekend, for those of you who don’t know. Ramadan is a time for increased worship, fasting, acts of charity, and personal reflection. Fasting includes abstaining from food and drink but it also...

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Rehoboth Beach Delaware

We took a quick day trip to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware last weekend and it was a prefect outing for our little family. It was about 2.5 hours from our home in northwest Baltimore County. It was a bit further than the Kent Island beach on the Chesapeake Bay that we had...

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