The Sunflower Garden

The Sunflower Garden

Last weekend we ventured out to The Sunflower Garden in Westminster, MD. It’s a sweet little spot for photos, pick-your-own flowers, or just enjoying the day outdoors. We had a wonderful time! I had heard about this place toward the end of the summer last year... read more

Welcome to glimmersnaps.

I’m Sarah and I write about child-led homeschooling and life with my three children. I love learning alongside my kids and we use an eclectic and often interdisciplinary approach. I’m also interested in minimalism, social justice, and mental wellness. Thank you for stopping by! Stay in touch so you don’t miss out. XO

Color Theory for Kindergarten

Color is a fascinating subject for children. We used paints and food dye to explore color mixing, shades, tints and tones. It all started one morning when we were working on paintings to send to the kids’ grandparents. The watercolors kept swirling together in... read more

Summer Travels and What’s Next

Time for the obligatory vacation recap and vision-for-the-future post. We spent almost six weeks visiting family in Houston and Baton Rouge! The first part of our trip was just me and the kids at my parents’ house. My dad hadn’t met little M yet and of... read more

Grow Animal Math

You know those grow animals that you put in water and watch them expand? They actually have some great uses other than becoming a bloated version of a squishy animal. Today I’ve got a quick little post about using grow animals for teaching measurement and... read more

Tulips at Sherwood Gardens

A few weeks ago* we visited Sherwood Gardens in Baltimore to see the famous spring tulip bloom. Sherwood Gardens is a open strip of land in a neighborhood of stately homes. Tens of thousands of tulips bloom each spring in a gorgeous display of color. The mixed color... read more

Spring Garden Play

A few weeks ago* we visited an indoor garden and started seeing early signs of spring as we went outside. My daughter became very interested in the idea of a garden and wanted to create one of her own. We live in an apartment with no outdoor space, so I decided to set... read more

Rawlings Conservatory and Botanic Gardens

We visited the Rawlings Conservatory and Botanic Gardens to see the Spring flower display– Where the Wild Things Grow. It was our first time inside, though we had driven past many times on the way to the Maryland zoo. The conservatory is inside a gorgeous glass... read more

Simple Machines Playground

We were interested in learning more about how things work, so we did a small unit about simple machines. After a little reading, we decided to put our knowledge into action by building a Simple Machines Playground. In case you’ve forgotten, the simple machines... read more

Solar System Model

I have a quick little post today about the Solar System model that we made a few days ago. Space is one of our favorite topics. There is so much to learn that we keep coming back to it for more. We’ve done a lot of space stuff in the past, but I thought... read more

KonMari, Baby

Here’s how I used KonMari for baby clothes. sound too complicated? It’s easy, I promise. Today I’d like to share the details about how I organize my baby’s clothes. I’ve been working on this KonMari project of totally re-thinking... read more

Cool Science: Ice Melt Experiment

Today I’m sharing a two-part experiment that we did to understand the relationship between ice and salt. This ice melt experiment is a wonderfully engaging way to explore some scientific concepts. We’ve been doing a lot of ice-related experiments lately.... read more

Ocean Unit Study

A few weeks ago we completed our Ocean Unit Study. I already shared a couple of posts about things we did, but this one is the whole interdisciplinary enchilada. This unit began like most all that we do. My son (4.5) told me he wanted to learn more about the oceans... read more

Learning about Geography through Mapmaking

As part of our study about the world’s oceans and seas, we created this map and used it for a location challenge. Geography was always one of my favorite subjects (and my husband’s too) so of course I’ve been excited to teach my kids all about the... read more

Maryland Science Center – Science & Main

One of our favorite places to go is the Maryland Science Center at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. We purchased a membership with a Groupon deal and were amazed at how many fun learning opportunities we found. It’s worth every penny, even at the full price! In... read more

Learning About Winter with Creative Play

We’ve been learning about winter this week. Our topics focused on what animals do in wintertime and what changes we notice as the season begins. We will also cover how the Earth’s orbit around the sun makes the seasons, but I’ll write about that... read more

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